Broken Time by Johannes Gierlinger (AUT)


Broken Time (2011)
Johannes Gierlinger (AUT)
16 mm blow up to 35 mm
1 min

Like Jeanne d’Arc in front of the scaffold, clueless. Finally, a fight, they come to get her, the redeeming handshake. Out of the hands, on the hands, that’s how you can read broken time: because something is eliminated, combed, scratched and lovely caressed. Perhaps the velvet glove is the connecting through time. For an alliance it´s taken off. Something is sealed: memory and dream play off against each other, the best fighter will be adopted. And ultimately it burns to ashes, the famous story, it was all a dream. Maybe she was the boy that she kissed, at least she resembles him. The image section and traces on the material are covering the secret. Serious men come up to exterminate her. «Deform Your Dreams» as the only liberation.


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