T by Ignazio Fabio Mazzola (ITA)

Ignazio Fabio Mazzola’s education in both fine arts and architecture is reflected in his artistic practice: he uses moving images to make autobiographical pieces, portraits of artists and works about architectural projects. Like Leandro Varela, Mazzola proposes films and videos that challenge standard lengths, focusing on very short visual statements. Made in 2017, T presents details of the houses built in La Martella (near Matera, Italy) by architect Ludovico Quaroni and his collaborators in the 50s. In T the rationalist façades are shown by way of high-contrast abstract glimpses.

T (2017)
Ignazio Fabio Mazzola (ITA)
32 s


As part of the curatorial proposal «THREE SILENT PIECES: WARSHADFILM ⠂LEANDRO VARELA ⠂IGNAZIO FABIO MAZZOLA» by Stefano Miraglia

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