La Señal Cósmica by Leandro Varela (ARG)


Leandro Varela’s body of work is rooted in hand-drawn animation and incorporates traditional cameraless filmmaking practices. The result is a cinema made of minimal gestures and radical length choices (most of his films run under a minute). A conceptual piece with a slight hint of sci-fi, La Señal Cósmica (The Cosmic Signal) shows a series of messages encoded on film by puncturing and scratching the emulsion.

La Señal Cósmica
Leandro Varela (ARG)
1 min 53 s


As part of the curatorial proposal «THREE SILENT PIECES: WARSHADFILM ⠂LEANDRO VARELA ⠂IGNAZIO FABIO MAZZOLA» by Stefano Miraglia

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