Everything Turns… by Aaron Zeghers (CAN)



“Universos que son representados a partir de la yuxtaposición de imágenes, la animación, los trucos ópticos, la macro fotografía. Un cosmos que determina un orden particular dentro de las reglas impuestas pero que al mismo tiempo deja entrar lo desconocido y se pierde en un infinito de posibilidades. Esta selección de films compuesta por Everything Turns… de Aaron Zeghers, Fish and the Sky de Christopher Lange, The Astronomer’s Dream de Julie Murray y Piedra de Sol del Colectivo Los Ingrávidos juega con la idea de un universo propio que aparenta no tener límites tanto hacia adentro como proyectado hacia el exterior. Presentan un cosmos particular y contradictorio: en estado de caos pero en orden, bello pero aterrador, sublime pero imperfecto, orgánico pero meticulosamente construido. El túnel hacia otras dimensiones se abre delante de nuestros ojos. Estos films nos invitan a atravesarlas en un gesto de generosidad y de entrega de parte de estos cuatro maravillosos artistas. Los invito a disfrutar de estos mundos que se forman y desaparecen de manera casi inmediata pero que continúan proyectándose en el tiempo.”

Julio Fermepin

(English below)


“Universes that are represented from the juxtaposition of images, animation, optical tricks, macro photography. A cosmos that determines a particular order within the imposed rules but at the same time lets in the unknown and is lost in an infinite of possibilities. This selection of films composed by Everything Turns… by Aaron Zeghers, Fish and the Sky by Christopher Lange, The Astronomer’s Dream by Julie Murray and Piedra de Sol by the Colectivo Los Ingrávidos plays with the idea of a universe of its own that seems to have no limits both inwardly and outwardly. They present a particular and contradictory cosmos: in a state of chaos but in order, beautiful but terrifying, sublime but imperfect, organic but meticulously constructed. The tunnel to other dimensions opens before our eyes. These films invite us to go through them in a gesture of generosity and dedication on the part of these four wonderful artists. I invite you to enjoy these worlds that are formed and disappear almost immediately but continue to be projected in time.”

Julio Fermepin


Everything Turns…
Aaron Zeghers (CAN)
12 min 32 s
Sound by Andy Rudolph

A shorthand study of the mythology of numbers, from 1 to 12. Scientific tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends and defunct theories from across the ages. The camera pens a year-long record of space, movement and the passing of time in historic locations around the world. This almanac of anthropomorphic numerology is recorded in-camera onto Super 8, using open exposure photography, light painting, light table animation, paper animation, hand drawn animation and more. Just like Richter nearly 100 years ago, we will discover that everything turns, everything revolves and everything feels the deep score of time.

The audio for Everything Turns… was generated by modelling three-dimensional objects in a virtual space and rotating each object about its centre of mass. As they rotate, the coordinates of each vertex are used as control parameters for a group of sine waves, each associated with a different harmonic partial of 24Hz. Pitch, amplitude and pan are all controlled in this manner. Additionally, a collection of field recordings are sampled and controlled by the same means. The recordings are grouped in association with the platonic solids, each corresponding to one of the four elements which constitute the physical universe, as described in Plato’s Timaeus. Metrically, each of the twelve minutes is punctuated by a steadily growing group of chimes. Meanwhile, a distant collection of three metronomes tick away the moments at 60, 24 and 2 beats per minute.

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