War, Peru | Colombia by Claudia Salamanca (COL)


War, Peru | Colombia
Claudia Salamanca (COL)
9 min 35 s

Colombia and Peru engaged in a war during the years of 1932 and 1933. This war was the first Colombian war after the independence calling for the defense of the Colombian sovereignty. As such, it entailed the performance of patriotism of the young Colombian state. The Acevedo Brothers -filmmakers and producers of the national news El Noticiero Nacional- traveled to the frontier and filmed the war; however as spectacle it did not account well enough for the patriotic efforts conducted from the center to the periphery. Therefore some of the scenes of the war were reenacted in order to convey what actually was not dramatic enough as a war. I took the archival footage and reassembled it. I look for moments of mediation between the center and the periphery, the young nation state and its centralism, the performance of power in the image as well as what cannot be incorporated into this discourse.


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