Electric Snakes by Sky Hopinka (USA)


Electric Snakes
Sky Hopinka (USA)
4 min 31 s

In Electric Snakes, Adrian C. Louis’s thirteenth poetry collection, no one is spared his critical eye, including himself. These powerful and often humorous poems cover myriad subjects: Trump, music, zombies, Jimmy John’s, childhood, caller ID, venetian blinds, magpies, love, and Mom. —From the Editor

Critical Praise for Electric Snakes
Louis’s rough roads travel from Little Big Horn to Standing Rock, pass bomb trains while: “I’m awakened by American greed / speeding through prairie night” In “Snow Flake, Minnesota” we all want to live long enough to ask: “What to do, what to do with my ancient body? A soot-black locomotive is roaring through my brain.” —Heid Erdrich, Editor of New Poets of Native Nations, an anthology of poetry by extraordinary Native writers

Adrian Louis’s observations are keen in this world gone wrong. Yet, urgent moments of beauty emerge through the fog of stacked years and memories. You will want to hang out with Louis’s perceptive poems. They will become old friends to hunker down with on long winter nights, when it’s too cold to do anything but sing along, when even out of tune will do.

—Joy Harjo, Mvskoke poet and musician


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