Gulls at gibraltar by Stephen Broomer (CAN)


Gulls at Gibraltar (2015)
Stephen Broomer (CAN)
3 min 32 s

Seagulls hover and dip on the rocky coastline of Gibraltar Point. Tilting and multiple horizons camouflage the birds, splintering and gathering the lone gull to the flock.
Made with the assistance of Eva Kolcze. Thanks to Emmalyne Laurin and Cameron Moneo.

Stephen Broomer (b. 1984)
is a filmmaker and film preservationist. He holds a BFA in Film and Video Production, an MA in Film Studies, and a PhD in Communication & Culture, his dissertation a study of the origins of the Canadian avant-garde film. He has given public presentations of his film restoration work at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Canadian Film Institute, and his own films have screened at Views from the Avant-Garde, TIFF Wavelengths, and the Berlin Directors Lounge.


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