Ronde de jambe by Guillaume Vallée + Sonya Stefan (CAN)


Ronde de jambe
Guillaume Vallée + Sonya Stefan (CAN)
Film, Video, 16mm / video feedback / video glitch


Dada Centauri
Whitney Ota + Andrew Hume



The Soft Giraffe
The Yellow Ghost

Guillaume Vallée

Graduated from Concordia University with a Major in Film Animation and  MFA in Studio Arts – Film Production option, Guillaume Vallée is interested in radical forms of cameraless and analogue techniques as a way of considering the direct interaction between different mediums. His work is an exploration of materiality within the creative process. In attempts of creating a more complex relationship with his subject matter, Vallée makes use of cross-medium forms that range from camera-less techniques to optical effects and found-footage, often resulting in surreal and chaotic imagery. Vallée is now exploring the possibilites of magnetic video tape and creates hybrid video and performative work based on the materiality of these analogue supports. As a member of Montreal’s artists collective Groop Index,  he’s activly involved in events organization that bring forward the idea of hybridity, acting as performer, installation artist and experimental film & video director. He’s the cofounder of Organes Variables collective , founded in 2013 with french artists Marine Vergne Figliolini & Floriane Musseau. The main goal is the diffusion of work from emergents artists from Québec and France with a quarterly publication and distribution via different platforms. Guillaume Vallée’s starting a PhD- Études et Pratiques des Arts at UQAM in the fall 2014.

Sonya Stefan

Sonya Stefan creates hybrid film/video cine-danses that combine lo-fi technologies with movement ideas and develops them into live performance pieces or screen-based works. Sonya is co-founder of groop*index which is a Montreal-based collective of filmmakers and visual artists and has just completed a residency/performance in Poitiers, France with Nyktalop Melodie exploring throw-away technologies such as VHS/Hi 8/Mini DV and 16mm film. Through a collaboration with Bande Interdite and the support CALQ/CAC as well as residencies at Studio 303 and Circuit Est Centre Choreographic, Sonya’s cine-danse Salon-double was presented at Agora de la Danse in 2013. Presently she is editing her first full-length fiction Living Room Dances as well as premiering Annuaire at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal within the 2014 Mutek festival.

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