Zasmazany Film | Fried Film | (Home sequences: Segment 5)
Pedro Ferreira (PRT)
35 mm to digital file / Color / Stereo
5 min 30 s

By combining the correct amount of several elements a meal is prepared.

Home sequences #1-8 is a series of experimental films that research between film, video, sound, live performance, digital media and programming capabilities. Created during the period of my graduation thesis that investigates the history of avant-garde cinema until the digital media age and its approach to painting, resulted in two short courses for painting students. Somehow the series itself is a revisit on avant-garde cinema movements affirming the digital aesthetic and cross-media possibilities to reach personal imagery interpretation. The series #5 is a collage film, through storing the film stock in a pickled cucumber jar for a few days and cooking into the stove mixed with several spices, condiments, cleaning products and gluing personal objects to create intimacy, this 35mm handmade animation intends to give a closer view of the process of preparing and cooking a meal in analogy of preparing a film. By overlapping images I explore the digital medium to create new interpretations, repetition and loop, manipulating and crossing mediums with the use of software.


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