Dança dança fogo dança by Pedro Ferreira (PRT)


Dança dança fogo dança
Pedro Ferreira (PRT)
Sound by Bruno Reis (https://soundcloud.com/symio-s-ataraxia)
6 min 40 s

Dance dance fire dance was included for the class of “Photography and Cinema”, it was presented as installation and traditional screening in several festivals and as live performance: “Titans – A cinematic experience”, Song D video for Black Bombaim music concert at 20th Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival, Portugal in 2012. The video combines digital video cross-to-electronic, signal distortion by synthesizer, captured back to digital, montage and synthetic geometric shapes, intending to take the viewer to the limit.

«Dance Dance Fire Dance is an experience where fire turns into snow, positive into negative, a beautiful dance of destruction.»
Ágata C. Pinho (IndieLisboa’13)

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